Ours is the Life that Truly is life

As long as we are called to kill sin dailyTo subject this body of sin to obedienceTo go against the flow of this worldAnd wage war against the lies of SatanOurs will always be a life of suffering For to deny this man of sin won't come easilyTo reject the culture of our day won't … Continue reading Ours is the Life that Truly is life

Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

When I find myself wanting what my neighbor ownsWhen I crave to outdo my friends in everythingAnd to be the one everyone talks aboutI miss a deep wound in my heart for my ambitionI need that Gospel that says you already have everything Why do we so often miss the blessings the Lord has given?Why … Continue reading Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

Teach me the Gospel everyday

Lord forbid that I should lose the wonder of the GospelTo see a sinner so wretched forgiven and loved so dearlyA self righteous man made aware of his filthy ragsTeach me this Gospel everyday for I forget it daily When the Word falls from my heartThe comfort of this globe sets in so quicklyWhen my … Continue reading Teach me the Gospel everyday

Knowing the Man Inside

There's nothing more beautiful than truly knowing yourself Knowing the person who rents the house within The world can see his abilities and potential But knowing his weakness and flaws is powerful Yes you may hide them and pretend but you need to know I say you're never more alive, never free to live Never … Continue reading Knowing the Man Inside

When men are blind to the obvious!

I'm always amazed how easily we can miss things that are right infront of us. When something is so obvious to everyone else except us. Later on you hear friends say they can't believe you didn't see that. It was so obvious, how could you not see it. Many times we miss details about ourselves … Continue reading When men are blind to the obvious!

The Gospel for a Hustler Nation

One of the fears we have as a people is to imagine that either our leaders don't know our situation or they simply don't care. It's double tragedy to imagine they'd careless about our fate and instead only favour their peers. It's painful, it makes us angry knowing we put them there but hopeless when … Continue reading The Gospel for a Hustler Nation

Sunday Morning Junkies

Many times when we criticize preaching and call out false teaching we have the preachers in mind. We think if we rid the country of false teachers our churches will be sound and our theology right. But there's a great contibutor to false doctrine that we let go easy. We forget the supply is only … Continue reading Sunday Morning Junkies

The Gospel strategy picked up by Coca-Cola

The greatest and most well known companies of the world still spend so much on advertising and they do that in the most prime hour. You won't watch the news to the end before seeing an Ad from Coca-Cola even though when we say soft drink in any event that's all anyone thinks. Why? Because … Continue reading The Gospel strategy picked up by Coca-Cola