My Date with Amazing Grace

When I first walked this journey of peace
I felt guilty and afraid because of my past
I was haunted by my thoughts and actions
A past I wanted to correct before too late
It’s then I found the embrace of amazing grace
Mine was the invitation, come to me all who are weary

I never want to forget that beautiful day
It was a day like any other yet not like another
It was the day I found my perfect redemption
When I put away my guilty conscience
And became a new child of the kingdom
Mine were the words, yours is life everlasting

God forbid that I should forget why I chose this path
That I should get so familiar to forget my past chains
Remind me of that ugly monster of sin
Of the schemes of that old father of lies
I never want to forget how he misled me
Let mine be an eternal enemity with his ways

When I look at the one who bled for me
The cross that bruised his battered back
Mine are the tears of everlasting joy
His sweat and the blood my only redemption
I never want to despise such a high price
That mine would be a life of surrender to him

I dedicate this life to the honor of my redeemer
That I would be found busy at his house
To labour in the field that begs more labourers
If I would go alone still I would go
Because my eye is set on the price above
And mine will be the words, welcome good and faithful servant

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