Kill all my evil loves Lord!

You cannot truly love someone if other loves exists
Ours is not a truly generous heart but a selfish one
It says I can love all these and still love you
But true love sacrifices other loves for the one love
And none loves God truly who still holds on to his idols

Lord I seek that I would love you above everything
To love you more than the loves of this heart
But so often I hear the lie within saying I can do it all
That I can have you, my comfort, my sin and my idols
The loves of my heart won’t die easily and yet they must

When I stay in the reading of your Word I see your great love
You who left heaven, your comfort and security for this heart
Yet she won’t leave her loves behind to fully embrace you
I need help Lord for my loves hold so tightly on me
They lie to me I can love them and still love you

There are days I find great conquest on this heart
Times I feel I have killed all the enemies of my soul
Those times I hate my loves and life itself
But soon I realize they were not dead but only asleep
Only you can help me to kill these dear loves of my heart

I give you full permission lord, kill these evil loves
Conquer this heart with your word that I may love you truly
To love you not only with my lips but my heart and deeds
Make the loves of my heart the love of your commands
Give me a true love of you by killing all my other loves

Ours is the Life that Truly is life

As long as we are called to kill sin daily
To subject this body of sin to obedience
To go against the flow of this world
And wage war against the lies of Satan
Ours will always be a life of suffering

For to deny this man of sin won’t come easily
To reject the culture of our day won’t be welcome
The enemy of our souls won’t let us be
And doubt will easily creep in unnoticed
Yet ours is the assurance of the sons of God

It’ll be a battle that looks impossible to win
There will be days when we feel defeated
But we’ll rise to fight again and again
We’ll look foolish to deny our own cravings
But ours will be the true life of freedom

Ours is a hard calling, the call to wage war
Not with fellow man but within ourselves
To reject the ways of the natural man
To obey the Gospel and deny the inner man
But ours is the hope of everlasting life

Ours is the confidence to call God our father
The privilege to be God’s chosen people
To enjoy the freedom that only he can give
And to walk this earth with our Lord
Ours is the life that truly is life