This is our story

It was among the pigs where he found us
We were outcasts driven outside the city
Thinking we had it all but ours a kingdom of dirt
Garbage was our fortune and dung our treasure
Until he found us in this mess we called the good life

He didn’t wait for us to look for him
In truth we thought we had it all
He couldn’t send his highborn servants for us
No he walked down the dumping site
And embraced us despite our foulness

Why did he care about the rot of society?
Why would the son of God walk among thieves?
To love and die for a smelly people like us?
Surely it wasn’t for something special we could offer
We were helpless, blind and lost without knowing it

I would love to say mine was a better story
That among the street urchins I was the best
But what could a street boy offer the king of kings
If I was any better it was the zeal of my treachery
It was the multitude of my sins that begged his mercy

Ours is a story of rags to riches
Not that we’ve nailed the good life here and now
But the good Lord has bought us for himself
He’s clothed us with his robe of righteousness
And made us sons and heirs in his eternal house

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