Tongues are the eyes of the Heart

I’m keeping this in and taking it to the grave
I keep it close to my heart never letting go
It’s a dirty linen to keep away from the world
Not for a man of my stature to be exposed
But how long can you lie to a mouth?

Kings and nations have hidden great secrets
People have died in the name of secret affairs
Secrecy might be the most notorious criminal
But what secrets hide tongues confess
Mouths reveal in seconds what hearts hide for years

People are enslaved for years by hidden sin
Families tiptoe around unspoken rules and lies
But tongues are always free to let it out
What the heart digs in, mouths dig out
In a flash tongues burn mountains of secrets

Within no time you are caught in the act
When the mouth speaks the heart is exposed
No one is safe with an open mouth
None can hide where the tongue is loose
Because tongues are the eyes of the heart

No man can make an alliance with a tongue
It’ll betray you early in the morning
But if you want true freedom then be ready to be caught
Speak it out, shame the heart and free the soul
If you confess you’ll never have to fear your mouth again

Don’t tiptoe around life fearing what people might see
Don’t enslave your heart with hidden sin
Let the mouth tell on you before God
Use that tongue to confess the mud of the heart
And run to him for his Gospel eternal rescue

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