I know I’ll see tomorrow

Every night I die on my bed
The sickness of sleep overpowers me
And I surrender my will to God
Hoping to see the sun tomorrow
I submit to my tired body
And sleep like a little baby

Sometimes I wonder if this could be it
What if I never woke up again
But it’s happened so many times
I rarely fear what might happen
So I make plans for tomorrow
Confident that I’ll cheat death again

It’s another night and I’m so tired
A few minutes and I’m lying on my grave
Deep in sleep unconcerned about tomorrow
But why should I worry about tomorrow
I know I’ll see the sun or so I hope
It’s a faith that has kept me this far

But I know one day that night will be the last
I can’t tell when and where but it’s coming
But today I’ll sleep well and unconcerned
Not in the bliss of ignorance or indifference
But because of my trust in my God
Not just for tomorrow but for all my days

Trust that when I sleep my last it won’t be the last
For his word assures me of life beyond sleep
Life beyond the merry or misery of tomorrow
Life beyond the final grave below the ground
And that he’s waiting for me on the other side
To be with me and all who believe in him

So tonight I’ll sleep soundly on my bed
And tomorrow I’ll wake up ready for the sun
But if I succumb to sleep don’t you worry
I guarantee I’ll see an even brighter sun
As I’ll gaze on my Lord and Saviour
In abundant, everlasting life

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