Cast off the Blindfold


I want to climb the mountains and behold the wonder
To travel and see the beauty of nature
See the wildlife, the birds and the dolphins
I want to take it all in and be care free
To enjoy the world without obligation to a higher power

I want to learn the secrets of mother nature
Study the vast world under a microscope
Understand the intelligence of humans
Know the complexity of their genders
All without asking the big why questions

You see, I live for the moment, here and now
I want it all without any questions asked
I don’t care why I’m here and now
Not bothered with deep religious questions
I wear a blindfold for that to live and be free

So I ignore the difficult questions
I’m not one to indulge in philosophy
Just a man seeking pleasure and fulfilment
In any case anything can be explained away
And I’m only interested in the here and now

But behind that blindfold is the inevitable
Behind the wonder of creation a creator
You’ll see his signature everywhere
When the blindfold is removed
And one day we will all see him as he is

Then there will be nowhere to hide
No blindfold to block his overwhelming light
And you won’t be able to close your eyes
When required to answer for his breath in you
So cast off that blindfold before it’s too late


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