The God behind the scenes

One day as we stroll the streets of heaven we will look back
And learn of the pain and sacrifice of many unknown heroes
We will hear of wounds and scars unseen before
Of hidden sin, doubts and possible backsliding
And will glorify the God who worked behind the scenes
We will see our heroes of faith as we should
As mere feeble men and praise the one who worked in them
We will see those we look down upon
And hear of their unknown acts of charity
Then will we rightly praise the Saviour behind it all
We will hear of much generosity and unrivalled patience
Of the hospitality of godly women and discipline of caring fathers
We will see those who suffered and died for their faith
And those who endured bearing their cross everyday
Then shall our mouths be filled with true praise
We will know of greater evangelists and Bible teachers
Those who never came to the limelight but served faithfully
We will hear of businessmen and stay at home mums
Those who supported and served behind the scenes
And great shall be their joy meeting the one who saw it all
We crave the reputation of men that will fade in time
We worry about things that will be deemed insignificant
Because we see more with our eyes than our faith
But if we paid attention and looked carefully
We would see the God at work behind the scenes

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