Small wounds still hurt



My pain is unknown by the world

For my wounds are small in nature

In a world plagued with a pandemic

My anguish is deemed insignificant

But small wounds still hurt


I fear to speak of my heartache

For it’d seem like a joke to call it a problem

When many face death and real problems

The pain of my heart seem to mock them

It’s a small wound but still, it hurts


I speak of shattered plans and dreams

Of those planned weddings and visits

I know many have faced worse

And I dare not undermine their pain

But our wound though small still hurts


Perhaps I shouldn’t share this with the world

I know mine wouldn’t be top on the agenda

But I know I can bring my pain to my Father

For he sees my wound and it’s not small to him

For the wounds of the heart matters most to him


So I bring him my pain and lament

I cry for his help to take away this cup

I call on him to sustain me if he tarries

To keep me in his steadfast love

And heal the wound of my heart


#Heartache #God’slove#Corona

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