He holds my hand by his Word


When the weight of distress weighs me heavily

And the guilt within is too much to bear

When the enemy of my soul haunts me

And my sin keeps me awake at night

Then I would turn the pages of his Word


When I worry that the gates of hell await

And I see the flames rising on me

For because of my sin this is right and just

I remember my hope was never by my deeds

But his one precious deed on that Cross


My hope is not in what I do for him

For not even my deeds are my own

I hope not in my clear conscience

But in him who washed me clean

And I rest securely in his steadfast love


Instead of fear I rejoice in his firm assurance

When my eyes rest on his precious promises

I know I’m safe and secure in his love

And his Word assures me of my glorious future

For he holds me still by the hand of his Word


So mine is to recite, sing and preach them to my heart daily

And when the waves rise I turn the pages for safety

In every trouble that awaits I have a friend by my side

Whatever befalls me I have an ever helping hand

For he holds me and guides me by the hand of his Word


So I know that he will bring me home safely

That he will guard my soul from sin and the evil one

For the Word tells me his Spirit dwells in me

And that he will give life to this wretched mortal body

As I live in the light of his powerful Word


#Meditating on Romans 8

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