Daily dependence

It’s not a good thing to go against one’s conscience
And yet I see this battle within my heart
I desire to do what I know to be true and good
Not just for me but in allegiance to my loving Saviour.
My failure hurts me not just because it pains me
But as it puts a wedge in my desire for his word.
My tears are unknown to the world
For my pain runs deep, deep in my veins.
I am a man broken, who can bind me up?
I am a failure, who will pick me up?
See the dirt that oozes from within me.
What can wash me clean?
I need a bath in that saving grace

And a will to overcome my determined failure.
Give me the will to continue fighting my sinful heart.
Help me lest I succumb to the lies I crave but so despise.
Save me now and plant your Spirit within me.
Raise these broken and dead bones to life dear Lord!
Give me a fresh breath of your eternal life
Turn me from the idols of my heart
Teach me the wonders of your eternal promises
Captivate my conscience with your Word
And imprison my heart never to wander again

Make clean my ways that I may please you

Teach me to preach daily to my heart

That your Word may abide in me forever

For only you can save and keep me safe
Shine a light instead of the darkness I display
And make me an ambassador worthy of your eternal calling
Kill in me the sin that so easily entangles
And make me useful for your good works

Make peace the war of my heart and mind

Plant your word deep within this sinful heart

Hear my prayer dear merciful Saviour!


#Romans 7:25. #battlewithin #savinggrace

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