The evil within


I grew up thinking that there was evil outside the house, hiding in the dark ready to pounce on me. I might have been wrong most of the times but when you find the body and evidence of a crime you know you have good reasons to fear or a child might.

What I never stopped to think was that the evil men responsible for the atrocities of the night were men like me. Of course I was not going to entertain this thought because I was taught that they were evil people and I was to emulate the good. I tried and almost succeeded to be a good person or at least I thought I did. But how can I be good if I’m evil from within? Jesus taught that evil is not out there or exclusive to some but that it is deep within the human heart and from the heart flows all the evil in our world, see Mark 7:20-23. So that I should have been more afraid of the man I saw on the mirror as much as the one I presumed to hide waiting in the dark.

While we might argue about faith and religion, I think we can all agree on this one thing, Jesus is right here. But the problem isn’t so much whether we agree with him as it is that we see the implications of this. To start with, it means that human religions have been lying to us for to sugarcoat evil with good deeds is not just ineffective but detrimental as it does not address the heart of the problem. Secular worldview is as harmful for dismissing this doesn’t address or eliminate its serious consequences. But perhaps we can find solace in the one who points it out, Jesus.

In Jesus we find one who does not shy to tell us what we are all suffering from and why our world is the way it is. And the good news is that he not only knows the problem but has the cure for he died that evil men like me who turn to him for help can be cured through a new birth and a new heart for a sure hope of an eternal future without evil.

If you are willing to accept Jesus diagnosis, why not consider his remedy? If anything only he seems to have one and we need it. Why not carefully investigate his claims in the Gospels and see it for yourself?



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