Legacy or Future glory?

The world
It’s interesting that we would be worried of what we will leave behind instead of that which is ahead. That we care about what those we live behind might think of us more than those who wait for us in eternal dwellings.
We worry ourselves of what people will say when we die though many won’t even care to remember us.
We toil for things we might accomplish instead of the one thing that matters most; our eternal future.
If history is all we know then I see why some might care about legacy.

But certainly not Christians.
For we know where we are headed and we live for the eternal king now.
We are not here to leave a legacy but to live and serve King Jesus with our lives as we earnestly look forward to living him forever.
Our focus is not our history but our future. As we wait and groan together with all creation for our eternal adoption as sons of God, see Romans 8:22,23.

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