Take me home

I’m a man of a weak spirit
Easily overjoyed but easily broken
I laugh and rejoice
And then I cry and mourn
Nothing seems to last
I’m a child caught in a ruthless world
Ruled by greedy powerful men
Who trade my life for their gain
Who will save me from this world?
How long will you tarry dear Lord!
Some might call this home
But I cannot
I do not belong here, I never did
Not with all the evil, pain and death
No, I crave a better home
I dream of a better future
I long for another world
The world our Lord is preparing
Come Lord Jesus, come
Come and take me home
Take me to the new Jerusalem
Away from this evil world
Take me to everlasting life
Away from this body of death
Take me to your heavenly home
My hope is in your coming
I rejoice to know you will not tarry
In just a very little while
I will see you then and forever
So I live for the day of your coming

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