A time to preach

Rebellious indifference
From the beginning we have rebelled
We have killed and abused God’s honour
We have conspired to overthrow his rule
To set up a king from our own against his King
And it is so today, rebellious in our indifference
They may not look sick and in need of healing
For this is a disease deep at the heart of man
But like those who screamed, away with his rule
So today they extol their rebellion, ignoring his call
They are sick and as always only God can save them
Do not for a second presume them to be good men
None on earth has been known of that but one
Though they may look healthy, they die within
They are in urgent need for salvation lest they die without hope
All men, good or bad are in dire need of Jesus salvation
And thanks be to God that all sinners can be forgiven
Not only those who kill and torture his own
But even those who ignore his call to turn to him
Salvation is for all who would believe in all ages
And our time is no different, but a time to preach the Good news

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