God’s amazing love through the Gospel

God loves the world incredibly to have sent his son to die for it and bring the good news of eternal salvation by faith in Jesus.
He loves it still through the continued proclamation of the good news from the Bible through the church and Christians.
It is I who doesn’t love the world enough or not understand how to when I don’t share this amazing news of Jesus salvation through the Gospel to a world in dire need of it; under judgement and headed to eternal judgement.
It is I who doesn’t love my friends and family enough when I don’t express love in this godly and eternal way by telling them about Jesus offer in his Gospel.
I repent of this grave sin and pray for courage and confidence to share this news and to keep doing so in prayer that as many may turn to God and live fully for him ahead of his return to bring about the perfect new creation.
If I believe the Gospel and love my family, friends and colleagues and I think I do, then I want them above everything else to be on God’s side and be living for King Jesus to be there in the new creation with him forever.
So help me God in this life to live for this as a faithful disciple. Amen.

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