Thank God for his Word


We delight in your Word dear Lord!

Ours eyes tremble with excitement as we study

Shaking our voices as we read and ponder on them

How we rejoice in the preaching of your Word!

Oh! how we pray that the world would turn to hear


That they would turn to listen to your amazing Word

To pay attention to the only life giving word

To hear of the great news of your salvation

The amazing news of your forgiveness

And the free offer of eternal life by faith in Jesus


How outrageous, that we would give our ear to another!

Paying attention to anything other than your Word

Why would we incline our ears to any other voice?

Would we not be the most ridiculous of men to turn from your teaching?

And the most reckless to disregard your warning?


Deny us the fleeting joy of heeding other voices.

Forbid that we would crave anything other than your living Word.

For the words of men are like wind but your Word is a fortress

Lasting for generations after generations

And giving life to those who cling on them


Thank you Lord for your Word



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