Are you in the dark?


How is it going to end?

Where exactly is this world headed?

What happens in the end?

Will death have the final say?

Is there an after death life?


Whether your life is great or miserable

These are questions you must consider

Will your great life end in meaningless?

Are you doomed in misery, pain and death?

When it all ends, what will be its end?


Few want to think of these questions

They are surely bothersome and terrifying

A few seem to be convinced about the end?

But do you know how it is going to end for you?

Are you in the dark about the end?


That there is an end is sure and inescapable

We might miss the sunlight tomorrow, not the end

Global warming might be a hoax, but not so with the end

There are rumours of war but the end is sure

What is this end then? How will it come?


There is a day, sure than yesterday

When Jesus will come to judge the world

A guaranteed end for the sinner and saint

An end of eternal bliss or unthinkable damnation

How will it end for you?


You shouldn’t live in the dark forever

For a great light shines in this darkness

A light from the world beyond death

An assurance of salvation from the sure unpleasant end

The gospel of Jesus is the light for all who would believe


You don’t have to live in the dark any longer?

Why live in uncertainty when the future can be known?

Don’t we all crave a secure certain future? Try eternity

Come to Jesus, never to walk blind of the eternal future

See the king of the glorious future is calling to save you










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