It’s his word, not mine

It’s the Word of God, not mine
What a great privilege that the Bible isn’t about me?
For what should it include if its focus was me?
How difficult it would be to study it as all it would say is how wretched I am.
Thank God, it’s about him and his plan.
He is the focus and one worth studying.
Thank God he knows better than to inspire a story all about me?
And yet in knowing Him through his Word, I have a future with him.
A better future than I would ever imagine
So teach me Lord all about you and your plan
Lead the way as I follow, for my desires are too shallow
My cravings are so temporal in the ocean of your timing
And the everlasting banquet that awaits those who trust your plan
Take me to the new creation for this world cannot contain your glorious future
Forbid I should settle for too little when so much more awaits me ahead
Teach me to delight in your Word, in knowing you and your eternal plan

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