It’s his word, not mine

It’s the Word of God, not mine
What a great privilege that the Bible isn’t about me?
For what should it include if its focus was me?
How difficult it would be to study it as all it would say is how wretched I am.
Thank God, it’s about him and his plan.
He is the focus and one worth studying.
Thank God he knows better than to inspire a story all about me?
And yet in knowing Him through his Word, I have a future with him.
A better future than I would ever imagine
So teach me Lord all about you and your plan
Lead the way as I follow, for my desires are too shallow
My cravings are so temporal in the ocean of your timing
And the everlasting banquet that awaits those who trust your plan
Take me to the new creation for this world cannot contain your glorious future
Forbid I should settle for too little when so much more awaits me ahead
Teach me to delight in your Word, in knowing you and your eternal plan

What a joy is it to know Jesus!

What a joy it is to know Jesus!
What an assurance we have of eternity!
That when we sleep in death we will be awake forever
That when this body grows weary, a new glorious one awaits
And if that wasn’t enough, we will dwell with him forever!
Oh that the world would know this King!
And climate change wouldn’t worry us a second
Death wouldn’t terrify us nor pain torment us
For while this creation fades the new glorious creation awaits
Why do they reject you King Jesus?
Unless they be blind as bats
Cause the hearts of men to soften for the Gospel we pray
Bring light to their blind eyes and let eternal joy flow in hearts
That together we may sing
What a joy it is to know you
And to live under your lordship
Before living with you forever

The book that changed me

I’m a writer and singer
An author and a poet
An architect of words
And engineer of phrases
But my song is changed forever
My pen is held captive
And I cannot sing of women anymore
I can no longer share my creative ideas
For words elude me but to speak of him
I read a book and it changed me forever
Every time I stop to think, only he comes to mind
I read his biography and fell in love with the author
And now my thoughts overflow with his praises
I cannot help but meditate about his Words all day
I stop to write only to say more of him
I studied a book and it changed me
For within it were the words I never heard before
Not from history or fairy tales
But the words of the God of the universe
I studied the Bible and it has changed me
I cannot help it but preach about Jesus
How can I stop when the world so needs him?
When we so badly need to hear his good news?
I was a singer but now I’m a preacher
An architect who saw the building collapse