The pain of their unbelief

Does it pain you when they live like there’s no forever?
Living today thinking tomorrow they die only to burn forever?
I ask dear Christian, do you weep when you comprehend of their unbelief?
When by day they approach the grave ignorant of the grave danger ahead?
Do you pray that those eyes may see and those hearts be softened?
Forbid it Lord that we should walk like eternity is only a fairy tale
If we should believe nothing else, may it be the surety of the unending future
To know for sure that the judgement day must come
And without a doubt some will mourn forever as others rejoice
Weep and pray dear brother and sister, feel the pain of their fate and preach
See those who worship gods that do not hear or answer prayers
Feel the pain of those that live for their belly and glory
How unfortunate that tomorrow none of this will count
How painful to see many live only to die unprepared to face the Almighty Judge
Cause this pain to burn within us Lord that we should’t watch while they perish
Open your mouth today to speak this truth and if not for the joy of salvation,
Then remember the gravity of eternal damnation
Dream of their eternal joy to overcome your fear
If not, see the fires of hell that burn without end
To remind you to share the saving news of Jesus

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