The book of books


There’s something quite different about the Bible compared to other books. You would think spending considerable time in it will just result in having a better understanding of its contents.
But there’s another result that’s quite mind blowing. As you sit to listen carefully from the Bible you realise that you are drawn closer to God, you see the beauty of the Gospel and see Jesus as amazing as he is as you realise your true nature as compared to that of God and see your utmost need for his rescue.
Then you realise that you are not just studying an old book, you are spending time with someone, and he is quite a good companion for that matter; most loving, most caring, good and just, that he is your King and Lord of the universe with a better plan than any of the gurus of the world could fathom.
You wonder why Christians spend a lifetime studying the Bible and responding in prayer? It’s not that they are quite dull to understand it’s contents but that the knowledge of God is limitless and only through his help can we really know him.  And that as we know him more,  the more we trust him and love him. Study and meditate on his Word and you will know that there’s no one better than our Lord and that there’s no greater wisdom than to trust in him.

Are you having doubts, listen from the Scriptures and ask God to help you understand. Are you finding it hard to trust him, get to know him better. Are you unsure about his plan, have a deeper understanding of him and what he has in store awaiting us in heaven. Read your Bible, study his Word, listen faithfully to his voice and let him open the oceans of his wisdom and glare on the beauty of being called a child of God.


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