The story of the watchmen


How fast time drips away from my grasp

How long until I am no longer here?

How soon must I touch the finish line?

No longer to see the sun rise from the moutains

Nor hear the music of the morning bird


See now I must go, never to return as a mortal

I must climb the mountains and stand before him

What will I say? if only I had more time

I thought I would live for so long

And achieve so much before I thought of this day


But now the curtains must fall

The story that is my life come to an end

If only I knew how soon this day would come

And I would have put my house in order

Ready to leave and face my Master


But thank God that I have seen this day now

That I know the thief is coming anytime now

And I will not be like those who sleep unaware

But will live like the faithful watchman

Ready and eager to welcome my Lord



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