They say dreams are valid, mine certainly is glorious


I dropped all dreams that I should pursue one only

I stopped searching to keep dreaming and waiting

For I have found a dream worth my days and nights

And whether awake or asleep, I keep dreaming

I dream, long and wait for that glorious Jerusalem


I yearn and wait to see the one who died for me

I keep dreaming of the splendour my heavenly home

To see those who overcame and kept the faith

To know for sure that I will see no pain forever

Oh, come Lord Jesus, take us home already!


This is the home I dream for my family and friends

Not a world of pain and suffering;

A world of toil in vain and lost dreams

No, this truly is a perfect home, unheard of on earth

So dream with me and make it your home forever


All are welcome to this dream home

My Father is kind to have you all forever

See the gates are open for all to come

And the door beckons you to come in;

Salvation to all who believe


Come from the East and from the West

Call those from the ends of the earth;

To enter into the joy of their Master

Where joy flows in a river of aged wine

A lavish banquet prepared by the Lord






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