The story of the watchmen


How fast time drips away from my grasp

How long until I am no longer here?

How soon must I touch the finish line?

No longer to see the sun rise from the moutains

Nor hear the music of the morning bird


See now I must go, never to return as a mortal

I must climb the mountains and stand before him

What will I say? if only I had more time

I thought I would live for so long

And achieve so much before I thought of this day


But now the curtains must fall

The story that is my life come to an end

If only I knew how soon this day would come

And I would have put my house in order

Ready to leave and face my Master


But thank God that I have seen this day now

That I know the thief is coming anytime now

And I will not be like those who sleep unaware

But will live like the faithful watchman

Ready and eager to welcome my Lord



The price is paid even for Barabbas

As the blood thirst chants of the crowd went on high
A ferocious criminal and murderer saw the light of day
Yes finally there was found a substitute even for Barabbas
And on that Good Friday even the most evil of men was freed
As the son of man died even for the most wretched of all
See how happily Barabbas walks down the aisle of freedom
Never to be counted among the filthy and guilty
No one dares call him a criminal now for his penalty is fully paid
Paid fully by the one who was charged with all of man’s sinfulness
That he would spare all who believe from the wrath of the jury
Who is it that willingly remains in prison?
Who was it, too sinful for Jesus to save?
If the most wretched was set free then who dare call me guilty?
See on him was laid the burden of my sin that I can be called righteous
A man forgiven of all his sins to be counted among the saints
I rejoice to know my Father considers me guiltless
That I can run to him like a little child without a care in the world
And see how wide he opens his arms to receive his beloved child
What a joy and privilege it is to be numbered among his sons
Though wretched and deserving hell, now I call heaven my home

They say dreams are valid, mine certainly is glorious


I dropped all dreams that I should pursue one only

I stopped searching to keep dreaming and waiting

For I have found a dream worth my days and nights

And whether awake or asleep, I keep dreaming

I dream, long and wait for that glorious Jerusalem


I yearn and wait to see the one who died for me

I keep dreaming of the splendour my heavenly home

To see those who overcame and kept the faith

To know for sure that I will see no pain forever

Oh, come Lord Jesus, take us home already!


This is the home I dream for my family and friends

Not a world of pain and suffering;

A world of toil in vain and lost dreams

No, this truly is a perfect home, unheard of on earth

So dream with me and make it your home forever


All are welcome to this dream home

My Father is kind to have you all forever

See the gates are open for all to come

And the door beckons you to come in;

Salvation to all who believe


Come from the East and from the West

Call those from the ends of the earth;

To enter into the joy of their Master

Where joy flows in a river of aged wine

A lavish banquet prepared by the Lord