The Christian dream

He will take away this sinful heart and her cravings
And write his true abiding laws in my heart
That never again will I carry the burden of temptation
Nor smell the stench of my iniquities
How I crave and yearn for that new heart
Bring us to the new creation oh Lord!
That we may delight to walk in purity
To serve you in complete holiness
And delight to follow your statutes
Even now, teach us to follow them
Prepare us with your living Word
Guide us with your Holy Spirit
Steal from us the love of sinning
And grant us the joy of serving you
Dreaming and waiting for that glorious body
Dreaming and waiting to see you split the clouds
To behold of your thundering grand entry
How I yearn and pray; waiting for your return
I yearn and plead that these little ones will make it there
And that we will all rejoice in your everlasting reign

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