The foolishness of my heart


Oh dear Lord, in anguish and pain will I pray to you

I pray not for wealth, health or power

No, my prayer is against my foolishness

The foolishness that fills my heart;

That I would say no to your love


How foolish would that be?

How blind would I be?

That before my very eyes was life

Only to choose death?

Help me never to trust my heart


My prayer is against my heart

For from within oozes wickedness

But I delight in your holiness

For you have taken the burden of my wretchedness

To rejoice in your free saving grace


How I glorify your name for understanding

Thank you for delivering me from myself

And giving me a master worth following

Forbid that I should return to my foolishness

To the slavery of my wickedness


Help me delight in this life I have in you

To share the news of your wonderful doing;

The joy of freeing me from foolishness

And granting me to live with you forever

To rejoice now and always in your salvation




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