We struggle so much to believe in this place called hell. Not only non Christians but even many believers. We cannot understand how or why a good, loving, caring, slow to anger God would cast people to eternal hell.

Surely that would be too much even for him or so we think. What we fail to understand is that when God turns his face from man hell breaks lose. When he withdraws his goodness, his love, peace, joy, hope…what you get can’t even be explained by a word. Look at what happened after man sinned in the garden.

Well, let’s take a real life example, say hope. What happens when hope is taken away from you? It breaks you from within, many commit suicide. The only problem with hell is you can’t even run away from it. Now think of everything good, all that you value, something that keeps you going…try to imagine living without that and having no option to die, add a time scale; say forever. That’s sounds like hell to me. I can already see the flames eating you alive.

And this is what happens when you reject God. All he has to do like a rejected perfect gentleman is walk away; walk away with all that is good and hell will find you where you are.
But you have a chance now, because as a caring Father he’s patient enough to give you all the time to reconsider. But remember you don’t have forever to decide but you will have forever to face the consequences; be it unending joy or untold pain. I so much hope, plead and pray in tears that you can consider this while there is still time.


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