Why do we suffer oh Lord?


The world groans in pain and anguish

Everywhere we turn only evil seems to reign

Sickness, war, drought; pain and anger

It’s almost like nature hates us

And so man cries, why Lord?


We grieve as we long for answers

In desperation we question everything

If God truly were good then he would care

Someone has to take the blame

And it might as well be him


Someone has to take the blame but not me

No, I was taught never to take the blame

I am a good boy after all

It’s either the other person, Satan or God

They are to blame not me or so man believes


But what if God was good and we are not

What if it’s not about who takes the blame?

What if it’s all but a bell to get us ready to depart?

Shouldn’t a caring father seek his children out?

What if this is just a camp and the journey awaits?


It’s clear nature doesn’t want us around here

For all our efforts to make it home end in vain

And they should  because our citizenship is in heaven

And though we never understand how God reigns in evil

We know he has the best interest for his children


And what is suffering when we have hope?

No pain would makes us relinquish our joy in Christ

None comes even closer to threaten our hope in him

Though the world would fall apart, our hope stands

And we rejoice to know that soon we will see him



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