25; It’s not a happy birthday to me, it’s a happy forever!

I have anticipated this day for years now. Somehow early enough I made it my ambition that by 25 I would have all that I ever wanted in life. I don’t know why I picked this age but somehow as an ambitious teenager I was convinced it  was a worthwhile endeavour.

Back then as a child I thought it was wealth, I thought an enviable degree was my answer, a great job, a business perhaps,  home of my own and my own family.
But what I truly wanted was simply freedom; freedom from want, freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted, freedom from people’s opinions, freedom from the world and her fate.
I wanted to fly into my own forest and be my own king.

What I didn’t know was that freedom was always before me.
On a silver platter, without a sweat of my own or the years of toiling to make a point to the world. Freedom was given to me freely by a hand stretched from the Cross;  the truth that would set the bird free forever.

Oh, if only I had known earlier enough. Perhaps, I would have saved my energy fighting the right battle and against the true enemy of truth.
But thanks be to God that though I took it upon myself to define my fate, he too had a plan; a far better eternal plan.

It was freedom I was looking for, the very freedom he had freely granted to all when his son was slayed on that Calvary hill. And though in my rebellion I rejected him to find my own way yet still he pursued me for he had with him exactly what the world would never give me, what I would never have found out there on my own.
But in Jesus, I have it now, I have it all; the truth that sets men free and with it everything. And I would never trade this for anything. Not unless I was utterly deluded or just foolish.

25 or 75 doesn’t matter anymore for the day my Savior opened my eyes to see him, I began a journey to eternity. All that matters to me now is how much am growing in his knowledge and living in his Lordship as I await his return or joyfully joining him in heavenly splendour. My greatest success, achievement or moment of glory as they call it was given to me for free and that day everything changed.

It’s not a happy birthday to me. It’s a happy forever. And it is not a wish. For it’s freely given and affirmed by the words of the eternal king. Happy forever Peter!


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