Looking for evidence?

The world demands evidence to prove the Christian faith. They ask for something tangible to believe that Jesus is our Savior and king of the universe.  The question is, where have they been looking?
How can they miss on such an immense amount of evidence, unless they aren’t looking at all or are utterly blind! How can one miss on the ever present work of Jesus over a millennia now? Perhaps, the first generation would have an excuse to that effect but what do we have? Seeing how the Spirit of God has been at work in the church, what more evidence do we seek?
Jihadists may portray courage by wearing bombs to kill millions after their families are well taken care of but what about the people that leave families behind? What will you say of those who sell property to go to a people they are not related to by blood? If death impresses us what about leaving everything for the sake of Christ; dying to live? Haven’t we learnt anything from missionaries?
What about those who forsake higher positions, those who sacrifice their sweat and income to support the work of the church? We work with them, they are our friends and yet we have learnt anything from them. We must have a truly big problem. A blindness that no medication can cure.
And how hopeless are we that we miss on the very thing we seek the most even when it stands right before us.
If a man truly was looking for evidence in regard to the Christian faith then they can be assured that the world cannot even contain the wealth of evidence there is concerning this matter. But even then they wouldn’t believe. For unless the Lord opens their eyes, human inquisition amounts to nothing. After all they are blind.
If the church has survived this far, it wasn’t because people died, it wasn’t great minds behind the testimony of mere fishermen or the sacrifice of missionaries but that Jesus as true to his Word has been at work in the church through the Spirit of God since the first day of Pentecost and until he returns.
It’s not evidence you need for surely there’s more of that than we can absorb. It’s faith in the words of he who says it and makes it happen.


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