Careless empty words


Where’s her promise to never leave now?

What assurance was there in his words?

Did forever mean anything beyond that time?

Careless words, empty words; nothing to behold now

But it was love and so it made all the sense


It made sense when she called me her king

It was great privilege to be a king in love

To say nothing on earth would separate us

But they were just words, careless words

Empty words spoken in the language of love


They were words of commitment and sacrifice

Great inspiring speeches but only mere words

And what would mere mortals achieve by words?

Where is she now, where are those words now?

I know, they were just words; careless and empty


So what’s in a word, as careless as it come?

How can I build a future by words of mortal men?

I want to believe it when she speaks in love

Yet I cannot help to know its just another word

Careless empty words spoken by caring souls


What a difference it makes to listen to Jesus

To listen from his Word which is true and living

To know that it’s not just another word;

Careless and empty.

But true, living and everlasting Word of God.


I want more of this Word

I want the assurance it gives me;

A true hope that will never fade

Not a careless empty word

But the living Word of my Lord and Savior










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