Have you met the most blessed man?


We all want to be blessed. No debate about it. And because we tend to define the term differently as we see fit, I thought of looking into the scriptures to set a meeting with a blessed man. Turns out they are not exactly what many may expect. Their greatest wealth is defined by their relationship with God. Why?

  1. Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven,
        whose sin is covered.
    Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity,
        and in whose spirit there is no deceit. Psalms 32.

It seems if you walked into the throne room of God and asked for blessings; you would hear something like this “your sins are forgiven”. Which is no surprise as this was Jesus response to the paralytic. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2. 

I doubt this is the thought that comes to mind when we think of blessings. We might as well look outside to see how the world defines the term but according to the Bible if you have Jesus forgiveness, if God doesn’t count any iniquity to your account then you my friend are blessed. Blessed with something only God can give. So let’s preach of this amazing, free, eternal blessing that the world may have a share in it.













We struggle so much to believe in this place called hell. Not only non Christians but even many believers. We cannot understand how or why a good, loving, caring, slow to anger God would cast people to eternal hell.

Surely that would be too much even for him or so we think. What we fail to understand is that when God turns his face from man hell breaks lose. When he withdraws his goodness, his love, peace, joy, hope…what you get can’t even be explained by a word. Look at what happened after man sinned in the garden.

Well, let’s take a real life example, say hope. What happens when hope is taken away from you? It breaks you from within, many commit suicide. The only problem with hell is you can’t even run away from it. Now think of everything good, all that you value, something that keeps you going…try to imagine living without that and having no option to die, add a time scale; say forever. That’s sounds like hell to me. I can already see the flames eating you alive.

And this is what happens when you reject God. All he has to do like a rejected perfect gentleman is walk away; walk away with all that is good and hell will find you where you are.
But you have a chance now, because as a caring Father he’s patient enough to give you all the time to reconsider. But remember you don’t have forever to decide but you will have forever to face the consequences; be it unending joy or untold pain. I so much hope, plead and pray in tears that you can consider this while there is still time.


Why do we suffer oh Lord?


The world groans in pain and anguish

Everywhere we turn only evil seems to reign

Sickness, war, drought; pain and anger

It’s almost like nature hates us

And so man cries, why Lord?


We grieve as we long for answers

In desperation we question everything

If God truly were good then he would care

Someone has to take the blame

And it might as well be him


Someone has to take the blame but not me

No, I was taught never to take the blame

I am a good boy after all

It’s either the other person, Satan or God

They are to blame not me or so man believes


But what if God was good and we are not

What if it’s not about who takes the blame?

What if it’s all but a bell to get us ready to depart?

Shouldn’t a caring father seek his children out?

What if this is just a camp and the journey awaits?


It’s clear nature doesn’t want us around here

For all our efforts to make it home end in vain

And they should  because our citizenship is in heaven

And though we never understand how God reigns in evil

We know he has the best interest for his children


And what is suffering when we have hope?

No pain would makes us relinquish our joy in Christ

None comes even closer to threaten our hope in him

Though the world would fall apart, our hope stands

And we rejoice to know that soon we will see him



Job Advertisement; an international, most rewarding and most satisfying job.

I have to say that’s too big an imagination even for me. But seriously, isn’t that the kind of job all of us would love to do? It has to be paying enough and as our generation highly craves, it must be something we enjoy doing.
What amazes me most is that there’s actually a job like that and very few people are willing to apply for it. A job whose operation is the entire world, name a place and you can work from there among the people you love and at the comfort of what works for you. An industry whose market is so widespread that everyone on earth is welcome to work. It’s the most prestigious of jobs and it’s returns are not only beyond imagination,  they are beyond time.
It is a very satisfying job as you get a chance to work alongside the best Master; the Lord of the universe in his most urgent and important  business in the world. It’s pure eternal joy when that wretched soul sees the open arms of her Saviour. Why should you settle for less when the best is before you?

Then he said to his disciples, 37 “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; 38 therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.” Matthew 9. Are you ready to work in the harvest field of the Lord?


Constant war; The man that I want to be


There are those lovely days when I wake up early, commit quality time to studying the Bible, meditate on it throughout and have in mind my prayer items. Times when I have spent more time reading helpful Christian articles than on social media. Those times I hang out with my Christian friends and speak the truth in love. Those are the days it feels good to be a Christian and that is the man I always want to be. It always feels like a new beginning, like I could be the man I want to be after all.

Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Most are the times I don’t want to read my Bible however much I love Jesus and know I should read it. Most are the times I just feel lazy and don’t want to wake up. Mostly, I am just online doing what I cannot tell wondering why life feels so barren. I really hate that man but unfortunately he seems to love me a lot. Poor wretched soul.

But perhaps am not alone in this and in both instances am still a Christian however diligent and faithful or wretched and shameful. Perhaps the Christian faith isn’t an enjoyable ride on the park always. It’s more like a constant battle of a sinful yet saved heart; a sinner who is also a saint.

And unlike what many term as spiritual warfare that involves mysticism and demons, this is real spiritual war. A war against the schemes of the devil that lure us to the desires of the flesh which are contrary to the Spirit. A war that we must keep fighting; slaying the desires of the body to indulge in deceitful pleasures of the world and delighting in the joy of salvation. Delighting in Jesus and his word however sweet has a cost because the Bible doesn’t open itself, the mind doesn’t automatically click to meditation of scripture, the sermons in the laptop do not just start playing nor do conversations just develop on the faith we share.

But thanks be to God that we are never alone in this struggle. That the Spirit is always at work stirring us to consider the joy of being children of God and walk as children of light in a wicked and sinful generation. And so it is possible to be the man I want to be, a man more like my Savior; I just need to respond to the work of the Spirit in me. And even when am the man I don’t love being, am reminded of God’s abundant grace to me through Christ to save me daily from the wretched soul that I am having saved me forever.


25; It’s not a happy birthday to me, it’s a happy forever!

I have anticipated this day for years now. Somehow early enough I made it my ambition that by 25 I would have all that I ever wanted in life. I don’t know why I picked this age but somehow as an ambitious teenager I was convinced it  was a worthwhile endeavour.

Back then as a child I thought it was wealth, I thought an enviable degree was my answer, a great job, a business perhaps,  home of my own and my own family.
But what I truly wanted was simply freedom; freedom from want, freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted, freedom from people’s opinions, freedom from the world and her fate.
I wanted to fly into my own forest and be my own king.

What I didn’t know was that freedom was always before me.
On a silver platter, without a sweat of my own or the years of toiling to make a point to the world. Freedom was given to me freely by a hand stretched from the Cross;  the truth that would set the bird free forever.

Oh, if only I had known earlier enough. Perhaps, I would have saved my energy fighting the right battle and against the true enemy of truth.
But thanks be to God that though I took it upon myself to define my fate, he too had a plan; a far better eternal plan.

It was freedom I was looking for, the very freedom he had freely granted to all when his son was slayed on that Calvary hill. And though in my rebellion I rejected him to find my own way yet still he pursued me for he had with him exactly what the world would never give me, what I would never have found out there on my own.
But in Jesus, I have it now, I have it all; the truth that sets men free and with it everything. And I would never trade this for anything. Not unless I was utterly deluded or just foolish.

25 or 75 doesn’t matter anymore for the day my Savior opened my eyes to see him, I began a journey to eternity. All that matters to me now is how much am growing in his knowledge and living in his Lordship as I await his return or joyfully joining him in heavenly splendour. My greatest success, achievement or moment of glory as they call it was given to me for free and that day everything changed.

It’s not a happy birthday to me. It’s a happy forever. And it is not a wish. For it’s freely given and affirmed by the words of the eternal king. Happy forever Peter!


Looking for evidence?

The world demands evidence to prove the Christian faith. They ask for something tangible to believe that Jesus is our Savior and king of the universe.  The question is, where have they been looking?
How can they miss on such an immense amount of evidence, unless they aren’t looking at all or are utterly blind! How can one miss on the ever present work of Jesus over a millennia now? Perhaps, the first generation would have an excuse to that effect but what do we have? Seeing how the Spirit of God has been at work in the church, what more evidence do we seek?
Jihadists may portray courage by wearing bombs to kill millions after their families are well taken care of but what about the people that leave families behind? What will you say of those who sell property to go to a people they are not related to by blood? If death impresses us what about leaving everything for the sake of Christ; dying to live? Haven’t we learnt anything from missionaries?
What about those who forsake higher positions, those who sacrifice their sweat and income to support the work of the church? We work with them, they are our friends and yet we have learnt anything from them. We must have a truly big problem. A blindness that no medication can cure.
And how hopeless are we that we miss on the very thing we seek the most even when it stands right before us.
If a man truly was looking for evidence in regard to the Christian faith then they can be assured that the world cannot even contain the wealth of evidence there is concerning this matter. But even then they wouldn’t believe. For unless the Lord opens their eyes, human inquisition amounts to nothing. After all they are blind.
If the church has survived this far, it wasn’t because people died, it wasn’t great minds behind the testimony of mere fishermen or the sacrifice of missionaries but that Jesus as true to his Word has been at work in the church through the Spirit of God since the first day of Pentecost and until he returns.
It’s not evidence you need for surely there’s more of that than we can absorb. It’s faith in the words of he who says it and makes it happen.


Careless empty words


Where’s her promise to never leave now?

What assurance was there in his words?

Did forever mean anything beyond that time?

Careless words, empty words; nothing to behold now

But it was love and so it made all the sense


It made sense when she called me her king

It was great privilege to be a king in love

To say nothing on earth would separate us

But they were just words, careless words

Empty words spoken in the language of love


They were words of commitment and sacrifice

Great inspiring speeches but only mere words

And what would mere mortals achieve by words?

Where is she now, where are those words now?

I know, they were just words; careless and empty


So what’s in a word, as careless as it come?

How can I build a future by words of mortal men?

I want to believe it when she speaks in love

Yet I cannot help to know its just another word

Careless empty words spoken by caring souls


What a difference it makes to listen to Jesus

To listen from his Word which is true and living

To know that it’s not just another word;

Careless and empty.

But true, living and everlasting Word of God.


I want more of this Word

I want the assurance it gives me;

A true hope that will never fade

Not a careless empty word

But the living Word of my Lord and Savior