My desire


My soul pains me by her strong craving

My desire eats me from within

I want nothing more but this one thing

My greatest desire, my craving is a new heart

I long and wait for the day I win this prize


Free me from the torment of this wretched soul

Take away this heart that oozes the blood of evil

Grant me the sanctified soul of my Lord

That I will know no evil and do no wrong

I desire and long for the day I get a new heart


I desire to do right and live in purity

To walk in righteousness after you

But the enemy in me derails me

For her desire is not my desire

My desire is a heart like yours Lord


But thanks be to God am now free

That though wretchedness lives in me

Am free from her rule through the cross

And I will fight against this power

Looking forward to the day of your return


I take on me your armour

By the meditation of your Word

In light of your calling

And by unending prayer

Desiring to conquer this war of evil



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