Are you ready to forgive!


I still don’t understand why we judge imperfect people with perfect standards. Shouldn’t we be ready for mistakes from humanity! Are we so obsessed with perfection that we forget who we really are? What more can we guarantee from people but that they will make mistakes? That, however we hate to imagine it they will fall below the standard of our expectations.

There is nothing wrong with expecting the best from people but looking at how Jesus stressed on forgiveness, I think it’s only safe for us to allow for mistakes. Only then can we be ready to forgive by the seventy seventh time (Matthew 18:22).

Therefore, I suggest that we should to be ready to forgive even before we are wronged. I am not saying we become foolish in dealing with people but if we are going to live long enough down here then we need to be ready to be wronged and to be ready to forgive just like God in Christ forgave us (Ephesians 4:32).

It is painful to be hurt by people we trust. Yet, it is also inevitable because they are humans with wicked hearts. But when we remember how many times we have wronged others, how we keep sinning against God yet he’s always ready to forgive us, then we can and should be ready to forgive others.

So, before you love them, be ready to forgive them. Before you realise they are not as good as you expected, be ready to forgive them knowing you too are only a child of forgiveness.


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