Perhaps all we need is a better memory


How easily we forget what was once our true joy!

How time steals the joy that ruled our hearts!

The beauty of the sky that we gazed at night

That calm sound of the night that put us in bed

Perhaps all we need is to refresh our memory


So easily the present storms makes us forget

As we labour for needs unending, we forget true love

We forget the laughter that once filled our hearts

And grieve when we should sing, mourning in weddings

What if we have got it all behind us, true joy forgotten?


What is it we seek to find ahead of us?

What kind of achievement do we have in mind?

What will more power and wealth give us?

Could it be all we ever needed was there all along?

Is it possible we are soon forgetting what is our greatest treasure?


Do you remember that first time it all dawned on you?

That instance when you found true hope and love

Can I refresh your memory to the instance you met him!

The hour when your life found true meaning

Perhaps all you need is to remember the day you met Jesus


Perhaps all you need is a better memory

To remember you have it all with you now and always

That you have found he that is spoken of by the prophets

The Lord and Saviour of the world and with him everything

And that you need nothing more but Jesus


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