A man’s greatest craving


I know a man in love with one person

He has a craving that kills him at heart

His craving is not money or power

His desire is not pleasure or fame

His craving is ultimately for himself


He loves himself when he says it or not

He looks for himself in others

He’s obsessed with his own image

And is crazily in love with himself

What a selfish being this man is!


He’s okay with disaster if he’s safe

He loves it when he wins

And at heart his fear is to lose himself

He worries of the day he’s no more

For he is obsessed with himself


Hence anyone who challenges his control,

Anyone who dares take his throne

Such a person risks facing his full wrath

You can’t ask enough of this man until it’s himself

Asking him to love another more is just too much


Yet this is the very thing that Jesus requires

Not a day of our life, not a 10th of your wealth

He asks for all of you, knowing you are your greatest wealth

He asks you to step aside and let him take the seat

In asking this, he asks for everything


The joy is to know that he’s a better king

He’s a better man to love than myself

For he makes me a better a man to me, to him and all

He challenges my craving for myself and gives me a new one

The craving of a changed man is for her Saviour



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