Sure Blessings


I need no one to lie to me

I will have none of that wishful lying

For am sure of my blessings

And I need no crutch in life

As I have sure blessings in Christ


I don’t need someone to inflate my emotions

I don’t need cheering to face the giants

No need to woo me for am sure of my blessings

I have unfading, unending, unmatched sure blessings

For all spiritual blessings in Christ are mine


You don’t need to entertain me with lies

See am of age now, tell me the truth

The sweet truth of my sure blessings

Blessings stored in heavenly splendour

The sure blessings of the children of God


Take me back to the sure Word

Let me hear the echo of its sound

Let the sure cutting Word pierce me

As I listen to the one who died for me

Let the Bible speak to me of Him


See you are all mistaken in this assumption

You all seem to ignore what really is my craving

Not money, not pleasure but the love of my Father

Let Him speak to me for he’s my most valuable blessing

And nothing more I desire than his love


That’s my true blessing



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