My faith in Jesus is not a gamble


Is it a gamble to believe in Jesus?

As an actuary I know that decisions on investments are simply weighed by the risks they present. If the risk is too high and the reward is not worth it then wisdom dictates that you don’t take that risk. This is what differentiates trading in capital markets from gambling in casinos even though the two may look alike. I believe we can apply this way of thinking in consideration to matters of faith.  Hence the questions, is it a gamble to believe in Jesus? What is the risk and what is the reward?

Who is he really?

In the last several months we have been studying the book of Mark in our Bible study and the one thing I got right from chapter one is that Jesus cannot be anything else other than the promised Christ. I can boldly say that if the evidence presented here about Jesus doesn’t convince you that he is really who he is then nothing will. It makes me so startled by comments I hear people make that Jesus is just another prophet or a good teacher. You cannot say that if you study the Gospels. Not unless you are completely unaware of what is happening here and even that is addressed.

What is the risk?

Back to our first question, what is the risk in believing that Jesus is who he says he is?  None. As a matter fact I would say the evidence and witness to him is more than we need, too much even for a child to decipher. You can doubt the reality of having seen yesterday before you can doubt that Jesus is the Christ and the promised Saviour. And so if he really is who he is then that makes all the difference in the world. It means that I cannot read his words as I read any other piece of literature. No, if all of human history converges at the coming of Jesus then all of the future is to be seen in the eye of his identity and mission.

What is the reward?

Question two, what is the reward presented? Words fail me to say it clearly but looking at what Jesus achieves at the cross and what he promises in eternal future I would tell you beyond doubt that this is worth all the time and energy. And if you think otherwise just open the book of Mark and prove me wrong or better yet why not give me an opportunity to read it with you at your own pace and comfort.

Not a gamble at all

And so informed by this I can say with all confidence, without fear of losing anything and the joy of being counted as a follower of Christ that my faith is no where near to be even thought as a gamble. And all I pray now considering how important this is, is that everyone I know and meet or reads this would consider looking at this subject more keenly, to know him by his Word aware that eternity is at stake here.





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