The buzz of shared wisdom and folly


Information, information, information everywhere

Wherever I turn and the buzz of info is unending

Be it the young and the aged, all are wise now!

All seek my attention to share folly and wisdom

Who will I turn my ear to?


When did we all become the old men of the previous age?

What made us all the custodians of the ways of life?

Mighty and little alike all bug me with information

Am tired of your wisdom now, away with this buzz

Am covering my ears to you music and choosing my tune?


Am saying no to all the advice on social media?

Am tired of all those posts and likes everywhere

Am going back to the old ways, choosing my sources

If you want to say a thing ask me if I want to hear first

Am done with information, I want true wisdom


See it’s time to choose your sources right

Say no to the noise everywhere

Do away with all the bugging to like and dislike

If you want my ear, then know am choosing my sources

Am tired of folly and the wisdom of the age


Am going back to the old ways; to thinking and meditation

Am going for depth and not length as I choose my sources

Am saying no to posts and likes and yes to true Wisdom

The Wisdom that proceeds from the mouth of God

The Wisdom of the true Word of God by His Spirit


Tell me this wisdom and not the buzz of info everywhere





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