Before you waste your life…


I do not know why people live for legacies. I don’t understand where the philosophy originated from in the first place or why it is so widespread. Either way it’s a total waste of time. You better find something else to live for.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn’t work for something noble. Something that’s worth your lifetime but if you do it so that we remember you when you are gone then am so sorry to say we will not. And even if we do remember you, what good will that do to you? It will only serve to remind us that men, however, powerful and influential, evil or righteous, rich or poor; all head towards the same destiny.

If we remember you then our memory of you will be shaped by the fact that you are dead. My worry will be that you may not have realised early enough that death was inevitable. That whatever you plan to achieve under the sun soon crumbles as you fall into your grave. If you are going to leave a legacy on earth it can only be of how short life can be. You may have done a lot that was helpful or were the most evil person of your time but in the end the saint and the murderer face one enemy and none overcomes him. Well, none but one; the Lord Jesus.

So if you want to live for something perhaps you should spend a bit of time knowing this person. Only he left a long lasting legacy for he went past the grave and conquered the chains of the grave. Now considering you might sleep in the grave for far too long for your legacy to outlive your death then maybe you want to know how to live beyond the grave. Perhaps it’s not in this earth you want to leave a legacy. What’s the point anyway?

Do not follow the path that many have taken only to regret later. You want to work for something noble? Want to make a mark in history? Serve generations after you? Do this, find out about this one person who conquered the grave. Read about him. Listen to his claims. And if you rally you want to live for something worthy, more than legacy that will soon be forgotten then give ear to what he has to say before you leave for the world where he reigns. Let him be the guide of the darkness ahead. Let him lead the way. Remember he has gone past the grave. He is the Lord of the living and the dead; the resurrection and the life.


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