I can’t afford to trade your love


What is it that should steal my soul from you?

What would be so deceitful as to make me reject you?

Is it pleasure, health, ambition or relationships?

Far be it from me to even think I would trade your love

Whatever it is dear Lord, take it away from me?

For I can’t afford to trade your love for anything


If a day would come that I value things more than you

If by any chance blessings would stand in my way

If ever there was anything so deceitful for my soul

Oh how I pray dear Lord that you lay it all to waste

For surely nothing ever can be compared to you

I cannot afford to miss heaven for anything earthly


Oh what a joy is it that my salvation belongs to you?

What a delight that you will surely keep me to very end?

What a security I have that you will present me?

Present me holy and blameless, kept for eternity

What a joy when I shall see my saviour for all ages?

Oh, I cannot afford to miss heaven, no, not for anything


So I pray dear Lord, as I live in these dark evil days

As I walk in this earth facing the enemy of my soul

As he fights me to steal me from you forever

Help to remember that I am yours now and always

Help me to face his lies with your Word

To fight the battle of faith in the spiritual realms


And dear Lord, knowing how deceitful sin is,

I seek that you may help me as I face daily trials

Help me to remember your love and gift of salvation

To know that nothing the devil offers is of value to me

That my wealth and joy is in you and with you forever

And nothing can be traded for your love and firm Word





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