What makes it a Gospel song?

Yesterday I read what is supposed to be an expression of repentance to the public by one gospel artist in Kenya, Bahati. In the letter he accepts that he has not been representing Jesus in his songs of late as it seems to be the trend with many other so called Gospel musicians. It’s a good step in the right direction to at least admit there’s a problem but I think the problem is more than that; more than we even think.
You see music speaks about what we love and value, what we worship and think is important. It is an expression of the state of affairs. That said, gospel music speaks loads about our theology. Let’s go back a bit in time when we thought we had great music in Kenya, what was different? Isn’t it what was taught and valued in our churches? So what’s different now? Simple, our theology.
See, if you teach people that things matter more than a relationship with God or that this relationship is more about things, about fame, about prosperity, about having many likes on Facebook, being the blessed guy, best life now…and not about God, knowing him, loving him and helping others know and love him for who he is and in his terms then that’s what they will speak of and most definitely sing about.
I have said this and I will say it again, if there’s a problem in our music then the finger is not more to be pointed to the musicians as it is to their pastors and the church. We give out that which we take in; garbage in, garbage out.
So what makes it a gospel song? Is it the number of people calling themselves Christians who think it’s nice? Is it the public? Is it the beats or style? Is it because it mentions Jesus and God somewhere in the lyrics? Absolutely not.
It is a gospel song if it is about the Gospel? So if it is not about it then it is not a gospel song and that musician is not a gospel artist or maybe they never were one from the beginning or they didn’t understand what that meant or they stopped being one ages ago.
I will give the same solution as I have said before; correct our theology; go back to the very basics of what is the Gospel, how do we relate to God, how do we hear from him, what does he want us to be doing now…? Just then you have a chance to correct the doctrines taught in our churches and music is simply the fruit of it. However, we will just continue directing our frustrations to the wrong people. ~reflect

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