My desire


My soul pains me by her strong craving

My desire eats me from within

I want nothing more but this one thing

My greatest desire, my craving is a new heart

I long and wait for the day I win this prize


Free me from the torment of this wretched soul

Take away this heart that oozes the blood of evil

Grant me the sanctified soul of my Lord

That I will know no evil and do no wrong

I desire and long for the day I get a new heart


I desire to do right and live in purity

To walk in righteousness after you

But the enemy in me derails me

For her desire is not my desire

My desire is a heart like yours Lord


But thanks be to God am now free

That though wretchedness lives in me

Am free from her rule through the cross

And I will fight against this power

Looking forward to the day of your return


I take on me your armour

By the meditation of your Word

In light of your calling

And by unending prayer

Desiring to conquer this war of evil



Are you ready to forgive!


I still don’t understand why we judge imperfect people with perfect standards. Shouldn’t we be ready for mistakes from humanity! Are we so obsessed with perfection that we forget who we really are? What more can we guarantee from people but that they will make mistakes? That, however we hate to imagine it they will fall below the standard of our expectations.

There is nothing wrong with expecting the best from people but looking at how Jesus stressed on forgiveness, I think it’s only safe for us to allow for mistakes. Only then can we be ready to forgive by the seventy seventh time (Matthew 18:22).

Therefore, I suggest that we should to be ready to forgive even before we are wronged. I am not saying we become foolish in dealing with people but if we are going to live long enough down here then we need to be ready to be wronged and to be ready to forgive just like God in Christ forgave us (Ephesians 4:32).

It is painful to be hurt by people we trust. Yet, it is also inevitable because they are humans with wicked hearts. But when we remember how many times we have wronged others, how we keep sinning against God yet he’s always ready to forgive us, then we can and should be ready to forgive others.

So, before you love them, be ready to forgive them. Before you realise they are not as good as you expected, be ready to forgive them knowing you too are only a child of forgiveness.


Perhaps all we need is a better memory


How easily we forget what was once our true joy!

How time steals the joy that ruled our hearts!

The beauty of the sky that we gazed at night

That calm sound of the night that put us in bed

Perhaps all we need is to refresh our memory


So easily the present storms makes us forget

As we labour for needs unending, we forget true love

We forget the laughter that once filled our hearts

And grieve when we should sing, mourning in weddings

What if we have got it all behind us, true joy forgotten?


What is it we seek to find ahead of us?

What kind of achievement do we have in mind?

What will more power and wealth give us?

Could it be all we ever needed was there all along?

Is it possible we are soon forgetting what is our greatest treasure?


Do you remember that first time it all dawned on you?

That instance when you found true hope and love

Can I refresh your memory to the instance you met him!

The hour when your life found true meaning

Perhaps all you need is to remember the day you met Jesus


Perhaps all you need is a better memory

To remember you have it all with you now and always

That you have found he that is spoken of by the prophets

The Lord and Saviour of the world and with him everything

And that you need nothing more but Jesus


The joy that takes us through suffering and death.

We can be sure of two things in life: death and suffering. One will happen before the other strikes in and both are tormenting even to think about. The solution is not to ignore this or presume that somehow we will be safe from these two enemies.
No, if we have lived long enough we know life guarantees at least one of them if not both.  However, we can face them when we have constant, overflowing, unending joy in us; the joy of knowing God and the hope we have in Christ. For we have a present hope and joy in him that takes us through suffering and a future hope with him that eliminates both suffering and death to a life overflowing with eternal joy. What more can we ask but praise him now and always!


A man’s greatest craving


I know a man in love with one person

He has a craving that kills him at heart

His craving is not money or power

His desire is not pleasure or fame

His craving is ultimately for himself


He loves himself when he says it or not

He looks for himself in others

He’s obsessed with his own image

And is crazily in love with himself

What a selfish being this man is!


He’s okay with disaster if he’s safe

He loves it when he wins

And at heart his fear is to lose himself

He worries of the day he’s no more

For he is obsessed with himself


Hence anyone who challenges his control,

Anyone who dares take his throne

Such a person risks facing his full wrath

You can’t ask enough of this man until it’s himself

Asking him to love another more is just too much


Yet this is the very thing that Jesus requires

Not a day of our life, not a 10th of your wealth

He asks for all of you, knowing you are your greatest wealth

He asks you to step aside and let him take the seat

In asking this, he asks for everything


The joy is to know that he’s a better king

He’s a better man to love than myself

For he makes me a better a man to me, to him and all

He challenges my craving for myself and gives me a new one

The craving of a changed man is for her Saviour



Tragedy of unbelief


The tragedy of not believing in God is not that you will miss heaven, it is not that you will miss the blessings of being a Christian, it’s not that you will and are wasting your life. It is those things but even worse it is that you have no God.

Ephesians 2:12 remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world .  This is the most hopeless situation anyone can ever be; it is the hopeless situation all people who have not believed in him through his son are living in. Because on the opposite side of the coin, having God is the greatest true blessing for a Christian in this life and the next. What a tragedy is it not to have God as you Father! To put it in other words, what a tragedy is it to have God as your enemy!

But good news is, John 1:12 to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.  And, John 6:37 all those the Father(God) gives me(Jesus) will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive awaySee the open arms of Jesus; look around and see how much you are missing without him, make a decision to receive his offer of himself


Better home


It’s said no place is better than home

The sun always shines at home

Yet there are those who find home away

For them it’s home far away from home

But none have a found a better home


None is yet it to find a perfect home

For a traveller won’t find a home on the way

Though there be oases and grass along the way

We cannot yet call it home

We still long for a better home


And perhaps our cravings are not misguided

Maybe we are only responding to the bell at home

We can see and feel all is not right

We know we haven’t found it yet

For our true home awaits us ahead


Our good homes are only an image

A blurred image of our true home

A better home where no tear drops

A home where mummy never leaves

A better home with our loving Father



My faith in Jesus is not a gamble


Is it a gamble to believe in Jesus?

As an actuary I know that decisions on investments are simply weighed by the risks they present. If the risk is too high and the reward is not worth it then wisdom dictates that you don’t take that risk. This is what differentiates trading in capital markets from gambling in casinos even though the two may look alike. I believe we can apply this way of thinking in consideration to matters of faith.  Hence the questions, is it a gamble to believe in Jesus? What is the risk and what is the reward?

Who is he really?

In the last several months we have been studying the book of Mark in our Bible study and the one thing I got right from chapter one is that Jesus cannot be anything else other than the promised Christ. I can boldly say that if the evidence presented here about Jesus doesn’t convince you that he is really who he is then nothing will. It makes me so startled by comments I hear people make that Jesus is just another prophet or a good teacher. You cannot say that if you study the Gospels. Not unless you are completely unaware of what is happening here and even that is addressed.

What is the risk?

Back to our first question, what is the risk in believing that Jesus is who he says he is?  None. As a matter fact I would say the evidence and witness to him is more than we need, too much even for a child to decipher. You can doubt the reality of having seen yesterday before you can doubt that Jesus is the Christ and the promised Saviour. And so if he really is who he is then that makes all the difference in the world. It means that I cannot read his words as I read any other piece of literature. No, if all of human history converges at the coming of Jesus then all of the future is to be seen in the eye of his identity and mission.

What is the reward?

Question two, what is the reward presented? Words fail me to say it clearly but looking at what Jesus achieves at the cross and what he promises in eternal future I would tell you beyond doubt that this is worth all the time and energy. And if you think otherwise just open the book of Mark and prove me wrong or better yet why not give me an opportunity to read it with you at your own pace and comfort.

Not a gamble at all

And so informed by this I can say with all confidence, without fear of losing anything and the joy of being counted as a follower of Christ that my faith is no where near to be even thought as a gamble. And all I pray now considering how important this is, is that everyone I know and meet or reads this would consider looking at this subject more keenly, to know him by his Word aware that eternity is at stake here.





Sure Blessings


I need no one to lie to me

I will have none of that wishful lying

For am sure of my blessings

And I need no crutch in life

As I have sure blessings in Christ


I don’t need someone to inflate my emotions

I don’t need cheering to face the giants

No need to woo me for am sure of my blessings

I have unfading, unending, unmatched sure blessings

For all spiritual blessings in Christ are mine


You don’t need to entertain me with lies

See am of age now, tell me the truth

The sweet truth of my sure blessings

Blessings stored in heavenly splendour

The sure blessings of the children of God


Take me back to the sure Word

Let me hear the echo of its sound

Let the sure cutting Word pierce me

As I listen to the one who died for me

Let the Bible speak to me of Him


See you are all mistaken in this assumption

You all seem to ignore what really is my craving

Not money, not pleasure but the love of my Father

Let Him speak to me for he’s my most valuable blessing

And nothing more I desire than his love


That’s my true blessing



The buzz of shared wisdom and folly


Information, information, information everywhere

Wherever I turn and the buzz of info is unending

Be it the young and the aged, all are wise now!

All seek my attention to share folly and wisdom

Who will I turn my ear to?


When did we all become the old men of the previous age?

What made us all the custodians of the ways of life?

Mighty and little alike all bug me with information

Am tired of your wisdom now, away with this buzz

Am covering my ears to you music and choosing my tune?


Am saying no to all the advice on social media?

Am tired of all those posts and likes everywhere

Am going back to the old ways, choosing my sources

If you want to say a thing ask me if I want to hear first

Am done with information, I want true wisdom


See it’s time to choose your sources right

Say no to the noise everywhere

Do away with all the bugging to like and dislike

If you want my ear, then know am choosing my sources

Am tired of folly and the wisdom of the age


Am going back to the old ways; to thinking and meditation

Am going for depth and not length as I choose my sources

Am saying no to posts and likes and yes to true Wisdom

The Wisdom that proceeds from the mouth of God

The Wisdom of the true Word of God by His Spirit


Tell me this wisdom and not the buzz of info everywhere