Perfection in imperfection


One thing I know so well

A truth I need no convincing;

I am a wretched soul

And I am not what I want to be

But am surely not what I used to be


I want to be perfect like my Lord

Yet my heart wants her wickedness

What a war I keep fighting?

What a battle in the field of my heart?

Yet it’s a struggle that my Lord has won already


It’s not up to me to fight on my own

I would never win this war alone

I am helpless until I look unto my Lord

The one who took me from the captivity of sin

He has won my soul forever and is helping me win with him


Though I strive to be perfect, I am made perfect

I am declared holy; a saint living among sinners

A sinner who is a saint by all justification

Help me behold you dear Conqueror

That I may conquer where you reign already


Hold my hand as I walk in this earth

Teaching me to be wise in these evil days

I am yours surely, help me remain so

For on my own I can do nothing

I need help even to hold your hand




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