Men at work in the harvest field

I am a man at work though you see me walk
When I talk and share with others at work
As I take a ride to work or take a stroll in the park
Look at me carefully, and you will see my work
I am a man at work in the harvest field of my Lord.
My work is not defined by my seat; I work everywhere
In my talk and lectures, all I do is seek to work
You can say I am a workaholic and oh I love it
It is my pleasure and joy, a holiday at work
What else can I do when the harvest is so plenty
Jesus has taught me the pleasure  of his work
Though many hate a Monday morning I love working
Monday or Sunday all I must do is work
Doing the work of God after my Lord
Eating the food that is doing God’s will
Join the Lord in this work, tailor or doctor
It’s work for all not pastors and teachers only
Farmers and engineers, poets and musicians
Look! What a bumper harvest there is
Come and join the Lord laboring for people
The harvest is plenty and laborers fewer
All who seek work; employed and unemployed
There’s unending work with a reward so great
Make it quick to come to the field to do the work of God
No qualification needed but to know and speak of him
The work is to know him and make him known
See him and rush to tell others about this Christ
Call them to come and see if he’s the one promised
Let them come and hear and know he’s the one
Calling people to meet their Savior is our work.

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