Distant pain

When I shall see that new Jerusalem and dwell there for a second then I shall forget all; the toil, pain, labor and pleasures of this earth. All that shall sink in a sea of unending joy as I spend time with my Lord. I will try to remember what it is to cry, I will strive to remember what pain felt like but such will be wiped out from my memory just like sin as if it never happened. The apostles were waiting for this promise, you could torture them, kill and crucify them but that wouldn’t stop them. They had seen one from the world beyond. Seen him come, dwell among them then take a flight back home. Even if they wanted they couldn’t deny this truth, they knew what he promised and couldn’t wait to see him. What a joy when they finally reunited with their teacher, Savior and Lord. Such will be my joy when I close my eyes in death and open them in eternal life never to taste death again, forgetting the very memory of pain. So I may cry now, but what is that in front of everlasting joy, what can I trade that for? It’s simply beyond this earth and am willing to lose everything if need be in exchange to just a second in the new creation.  What a joy to know I will be there time without end.

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