Introducing the stranger; the bridegroom


Children fear strangers, they cry on sight of them but we calm them down and in time they grow to love these people even more than we could imagine, And at times more than they like us.  When we present the true gospel of Jesus, we should expect resistance. At times we will fail to understand why this is the case since Jesus is so lovely and faith in him is the greatest treasure we can have. The truth is, just like a stranger before a child, the world is predisposed to reject him even though he is the very one who gave her life.  We shouldn’t be surprised when an infant rejects her mother but we should be worried if they keep rejecting her even as they grow in time and in wisdom.

We must therefore present the gospel of Jesus, telling the world about who this King is. The best way possible is not make him into somebody he’s not otherwise the child will come to know this deception in time. We are not to fashion the gospel in a way we think it would be more acceptable but rather letting Jesus speak of himself in his Word through us to the child of the world. Let him introduce himself as we reiterate his words in a language the child can understand. Carefully, faithfully and lovingly we are to present the gospel allowing people to see Jesus as the king come from the father, Lord of all and above all and as him the world owes her allegiance for their salvation or rejection resulting to eternal damnation.

However, introductions don’t last forever, once the child conceives who Jesus is, we must allow them to enjoy their time together without interruptions as if we didn’t trust him. We must be conscious that the bride belongs to the bridegroom and allow the bride enjoy her bridegroom. As friends of the bridegroom our joy is to see the wedding day become a success and not lure the bride away from her lover.

We must also be aware of the many foxes that delight in feeding on the sheep. The worst of these foxes cloth themselves by the skin of the sheep to fit in the pen. As faithful friends called to be the best men for the bridegroom we must warn the bride of such vile and wicked men assured that true sheep know their shepherd and will not heed to the voice of the thief. We can go as far as confronting these foxes ready to be wounded in the process but we must remember that we can do only too little unless we involve the bridegroom. In any case it is his marriage at stake.  Hear our cry oh Lord and safeguard your bride from the bloodthirsty craving of foxes.


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