The man that drowned the demons

The screams from the graveyard are no more
The wailing by night is now ceased
Children play by the plains in joy
People of Gerasene sleep in heavenly peace
As demons are drowned by Jesus command
Here he comes the man who housed the legion
See his beautiful linen, now a man of honor
Hear him tell his story, listen of the broken shackles
Day and night in the caves full of demons he lived
So lonely, but now the shackles are more
The command came loud and clear
The Lord of all issued it unrelentingly
By His word demons shook in fear
Kneeling and begging for his mercy
But his mercy was for the man in chains
What would it cost to rescue such a victim?
Thousands of pigs maybe!
Who would free such a hopeless prisoner?
None on earth but one; the slayer of the serpent
And by his word authority is accomplished
It’s no wonder to see so many freed prisoners
For though we lived in shackles now we are free
Like the man of Gerasenes our joy is immeasurable
For we found he who would set us free forever
The shackles are fallen never to be prisoners again

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