Create in me a new heart



See this tainted soul oh Lord!

Shattered and naked within

How can I live in it any longer?

Hear my cry to you now

Create in me a new heart


What mess of a house I dwell in!

For uncleanliness is bred within

Am enslaved to this deceitful heart

Come to my rescue oh Lord

Save me from the chains of my heart


Create for me a new heart

A heart that yearns for you

A soul that seeks your joy

A complete house for your Spirit

Dispose this dirty soul from me


Give me a new passion to yearn after you

Let me find no joy in the pleasures of the world

Lay waste my youthful lust to follow you only

And let my yearning only be for you

I seek a heart obedient to you


Thank you for the promise of a new heart

Enslave this wretched heart to you now

To be a happy slave to righteousness

For the evil one seeks after me

And in you only can I find refuge


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